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HID Kits

HID Kits Queens

H.I.D Kits or High intensity discharge lamps, have a higher luminous efficacy as compared to regular fluorescent and incandescent lamps. We are the largest HID store located in Astoria, Queens. HID’s efficiency is overall very much higher and it out puts great amount of light per watt of electricity input. If you are looking for a bright light for your vehicle, visit Auto Sound located at 29-15 21st, Astoria. If you are a fan of tiny DDM HID kits or practical raptor HID kits, we have it all. No matter which vehicle you drive, Auto Sound can provide a perfect HID kit install. HID Kits can be installed for your headlights low or high beam, or fog lights. There are various advantages of HID kits over halogen, such as less power, longer life span and higher light output.

Auto Lighting

Auto Sound and Style is market leader in auto lighting. Located in Queens, we carry the largest collection of auto light variety. With experience, expertise and skills, team at Auto Sound is able to install any sort of lighting system inside or around your vehicle. No matter which car you drive, if you are looking for affordable auto lighting in Astoria, Queens, call us or visit us at 29-15 21st, Astoria. Auto Sound has more than 10 years of experience in auto industry and we are able to provide you with best possible service you can think of. Our aim is to bring variety of latest and brightest LED bulbs and all the fancy lighting you require brightening up your vehicle, so it stands out.

Back-up Sensors / Camera

Back up sensors and cameras are very important and popular these days in New York City. Whatever vehicle you own, be it old or very old, we are able to install back up sensors / camera. Auto Sound and Style stays updated with all the latest brands available in the world to help your vehicle be more secure and classy. Back up cameras come with different types of monitors such as self-standing monitors, commercial mirror monitors or replacement mirror monitors. We have the experience of installing back up sensors and cameras in almost all the vehicles available in market. Auto sound is the most affordable back up sensors / camera store located in Astoria, Queens.

Alarms & Starters

Car theft in New York City is unmatchable. No car is complete without the alarms or starter systems these days. Car alarm system is a must to keep the burglars away. Remote car starters are trending in NYC. Visit our show room to select the best brands for car alarms and remote starters in Queens, NYC. Team at Auto Sound and Style is expert in installing alarms and starters in your vehicle. We offer Affordable remote car starters and alarms in Queens. We have a huge show case of different types of car alarms. If you have any questions about your car safety or security, call us and we will be able to provide you with best possible advice for your vehicles security. We carry all the famous auto alarm brands such as viper, clifford, avital prestige etc.

Remote Keyless System

Inserting your key to unlock the door is old school. Not only that, while trying to insert your key, you can scratch the handle area of your vehicle which of course looks awkward. Auto Sound and style has all the different types of remote keyless systems available you will require for your vehicle. We offer affordable prices and installation service for remote keyless systems in queens. If you have any questions or if you have any issues with the wiring of your keyless system, visit our showroom and we will be able to inspect and provide you with an affordable solution to make your keyless system work again. Team at Auto Sound is hardworking and dedicated and we make sure, every system we install is done the right way, so you don’t have to visit an electrician again.

Window Tint

Window tint is a fashion that never gets old, especially in summers. If you want to save yourself from the sun in summers, then come to auto sound and style located in Queens, for a perfect window tint. We are expert in providing different color tints. Leading the tint industry, Auto Sound team focuses on every tint so we make sure your window is not ruined and you get the perfect results. We offer window tint for your car, SUV or whatever vehicle you have. Window tints helps in interior from fading away and increase air conditioner efficiency up to a considerable level. We are expert in custom tint jobs and if you want an affordable and reliable window tiny in queens, call us!

GPS Tracking

Worried about car getting stolen? Looking to never get lost while driving? Auto sound and style specializes in latest GPS tracking devices. Located in Queens, our GPs tracking show room is huge, latest and up to the mark. If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle or if you own an old one, a GPS tracking system will help you find destinations in no time and will help you track you r vehicle. Tracking devices are discreetly hidden. We provide affordable installation service for GPS trackers. Auto sound and Style team is a reliable name in GPS tracking system. If you have any questions or want to install GPS tracking system in Queens, visit us at: 29-15 21st, Astoria.